Photodynamic Therapy

photodynamic-therapyPDT is an effective treatment for some non-melanoma skin cancers such as Superficial Basal Cell Carcinomas (SBCC) and pre cancerous lesions ie Bowens disease and sunspots.

PDT is a simple non invasive treatment that consists of the application of Metvix cream to the lesion(s) followed by its exposure to light from the specifically designed Aktilite lamp. The cream is absorbed by the abnormal cells in the lesion and when exposed to the red light from the lamp a chemical reaction occurs which destroys the lesion.

PDT is a simple, well tolerated and most importantly, effective procedure with minimal down time. There is a reduced risk of scarring and improved cosmetic outcome compared to many other surgical techniques.

The treatment requires the patient to attend the clinic to apply the cream, and then return 3hrs later to expose the lesion to the lamp. This procedure is then repeated one week later, as this treatment must be performed twice on the same lesion.

What to expect during treatment

You may experience a stinging or burning sensation during the illumination stage, if the treatment does become too uncomfortable we can pause the light to administer local anaesthetic to the area to totally eliminate the discomfort.

Post treatment

The lesion that has been treated usually is pink and raised and may rarely blister. Simple forms of pain relief such as Panadol before and after the procedure may be taken to relieve the discomfort. Applying ice packs after the procedure is recommended to shorten the duration of any swelling and help with pain relief.

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